AREA 419

ZERO Reloading Press Extra Turret

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One of the beautiful parts of the ZERO is the ability to set up dies and not remove them, simply rotate or replace your turret to get to another die. With the addition of extra turrets there is virtually no limit to the number of calibers you can set up to run on the ZERO, and changing a turret takes about 20 seconds. Turret replacement is also repeatable to under .001″. All turrets will come with a press-fit pull-stud, and die stations laser marked with a number on the outer diameter of the head.

7/8″ turrets come with 9 die stations, all 7/8″ thread. This is your standard die size.

1-1/4″ turrets come with 8 stations, all 1-1/4″ thread.

Hybrid turrets come with 8 stations, half 7/8″ and half 1-1/4″ thread.


WEIGHT 5 lbs
DIMENSIONS 8 × 8 × 4 in

7/8", 1-1/4", Hybrid