Muzzle Brakes & Tuners

Muzzle Brake

Introducing the new Muzzle Brake from Axis Precision Worx, the best-looking brake in the business, proudly manufactured in South Africa and now available in Canada. We offer the 4, or 5 Port Raptor Muzzle Brakes, in addition to the Monster with the largest of calibers up to and including 338. The Monster Raptor Muzzle Brake features a Self-Timing toolless system for ease of use and ultra-fast mounting.

APW has taken the Precision Rifle market by storm in 2020, manufacturing exceptional quality products for the modern rifleman. No matter if you are a PRS/NRL competition shooter, an ELR competitor, a Hunter, or a Long Range Shooting Enthusiast the Raptor Brake from APW is your solution for superior recoil mitigation.


Raptor Tuner

The Raptor tuner has been developed to add even more performance to our Raptor Muzzle Brakes. Tuners are used to control and manipulate barrel harmonics, also sometimes called barrel whip.