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Zero Modular Shellholder System

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As we have done round after round of press testing, both with the ZERO and other presses, we have known that the very best way to get consistent sizing time and again is to have contact between the shellholder and the die. This removes your ability, however, to dial in your shoulder bump – until now. With the new ZERO Modular Shellholder System you can set up your shellholder to your die and have more consistency, more repeatability, and less hassle. It’s a win-win-win.

Available in either a Zero specific mounting system or a traditional shellholder this allows you to dial in should bump with a set of 6 precision ground stainless steel inserts .002″ at a time.

The Kit comes with:
– A Base (meant for ZERO or Traditional presses, your choice)
– THREE Shellholder/Extractor tops, sized for 223 (.384″ Bolt Face), 308 (.470″ Bolt Face), Standard Magnum (.540″ Bolt Face) or similar
– SIX Precision Ground headspace inserts ranging from +.002″ to -.008″
– Aluminum Storage Block


WEIGHT .9 lbs
DIMENSIONS 2 × 3 × 5 in

Traditional, Zero