Wild Man (Rem 700 SA & Clones)

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WOOX turns the wild idea of combining traditional style, groundbreaking technology, and classic lines, to create the Wild Man, a groundbreaking hunting chassis for bolt action rifles.

The Wild Man is the lightest hunting chassis in the world, weight in a just 3.3 pounds. Compatible with a variety of major manufacturer platforms, the Wild Man is a premium upgrade for new rifles as well as the trusty shooter that's showing some wear after years of use.

The drop-in system makes upgrading to a Wild Man simple to complete. Owners of Remington 700 (and clones) have an available left-handed option and all shooters will experience improved accuracy, and likely additional attention from the boys at the shooting range!

Made in Italy and assembled in USA.



Specs Description
Installation Drop-in. Does not require pillars or extra bedding.
No gunsmithing required.
Grip Ambidextrous
Chassis  AA 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum, hard anodized.
Stocks  American Walnut
LOP 13.5" - 14" (spacers included)
OAL 31”
Weight 3.3 - 3.8 pounds based on the specific model
Max Floating Barrel  1.17”
Colors  Walnut



Fits this manufacturer Model


 • Magazine DM – Detachable Short Action AICS Pattern Magazines
 • Action Short Action
 • Bottom Metal Hawkins Precision Short Action M5 Detachable Box Magazine Bottom Metal (PURCHASED SEPARATELY)
 • Supported Barrel Mountain / Magnum / Varmint / Standard • Others? chat with us!
 • Calibers Accepted .223 Rem / .243 Winchester / .260 Remington / 6.5mm Creedmoor / 7mm-08 Remington / .308 Winchester / .338 Federal / .358 Winchester/ 6.5 PRC /

Others Notes • Our Chassis with the Remington 700 Inlet in their prospective Short or Long action configurations fit all Remington 700 actions and clones including but not limited to the following: Bergara B-14, Kelby Actions, Big Horn Arms, Defiance, Bat Machine, Impact Precision, GA Precision,  Curtis, Defiance Machine, Stiller Tac30/Tac300, Bighorn TL2-3, Lonepeak Arms, Impact,Surgeon.

Note: The detachable stock function of the Furiosa has been rendered inoperable on units manufactured since Summer 2022. These units have the button on the grip for releasing the shoulder stock from the chassis. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FORCIBLY REMOVE THE STOCK. The 2023 model, shipping in March, will be a fixed stock with no release button. The decision was made based on actual usage data provided by customers and our never ending goal of producing the most accurate rifle chassis in the world.