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APW Weight Kit - Carbon X

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Introducing the Carbon X Weight Kit.

Experience the Carbon X Rifle Stock as it was truly meant to be. 

Granting the Carbon X the optimal adjustability and balance, enhancing its inherent capabilities and delivering an unparalleled shooting experience. 


The Weight kit includes the following: 

External Weights: 

4X External full weights (200 grams each) 

2X External half weights (100 grams each) 


Internal Weights: 

3x Fore-end internal weights (150 grams each) 

Buttstock Spacers: 

3x Buttsock spacer weights (180 grams each) 



We would like to bring to your attention a crucial step to ensure the proper installation and functionality of your rifle stock. 

It is imperative that you install the ARCA rail before proceeding to install the internal weights. Failure to follow this sequence may result in damage to the rifle stock and could potentially compromise its performance.