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Bullet Corp Billet Reloading Press 2.0 *BLEM*

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This is a cosmetic blem Billet Press, this will have a small blemish or scratch. It is 100% functional. Email us at info@precisionzone.ca for pictures.

Introducing the Bullet Corp Billet Reloading Press.

Impact Shooting's review of the Billet Press:


Introducing the Bullet Corp Billet Reloading Press 2.0, a precision-engineered masterpiece for avid reloaders. Meticulously crafted from high-grade 6082 Aluminum using advanced CNC machining techniques, this reloading press offers unparalleled durability and precision.

The ram shaft and side shafts of the press are hard chromed, enhancing their strength and resistance to wear over time. With sealed bearings on all moving parts, smooth operation and reduced friction are guaranteed, resulting in flawless reloading experiences.

The ram guide utilizes PTFE bushings, renowned for their low friction properties, ensuring consistent and effortless movement. Moreover, the ram itself runs on a brass bushing, providing stability and reliability during each reloading cycle.

The Billet Press 2.0 is designed to accept both conventional 7/8"-14 thread dies and the large 1 1/4”x12 thread dies (Large die adapter is bought separately), allowing you to adapt it to your specific reloading needs. With the newly designed dual hard stop on the side shafts, you can achieve precise and repeatable measurements with ease.

Featuring a generous frame opening of 120mm, this press accommodates a wide range of cartridges, providing versatility and adaptability for various reloading projects. The secure locking shell holder is designed to accommodate universal shell holders, ensuring a secure grip and effortless shell swapping.

With the inclusion of a through ram primer disposal, you can dispose of primers conveniently and efficiently, streamlining your reloading process. The Billet Press 2.0 exhibits no play or slop on the ram, thanks to its precise ram-to-frame fit, offering stability and consistent performance.

Invest in the Billet Press 2.0 today and elevate your reloading game to new heights. Experience the precision, durability, and smooth operation it offers, making each reloading session a breeze. With its versatile features and meticulous construction, this press is a reliable companion for all your reloading endeavors. 

Backed by a lifetime warranty.