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APW Deluxe Mandrel Set

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Our Deluxe Expander Mandrel Set takes a step up in performance over our standard mandrel kits, offering advanced coatings that elevate its performance and durability.

Another significant enhancement found in the deluxe kit is the incorporation of Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated mandrels. The TiN coating is well-known for its wear resistance, inert properties, and remarkable friction reduction. By utilizing TiN-coated mandrels in the Deluxe Expander Mandrel Set, you benefit from reduced friction between the mandrel and the case neck, leading to smoother and more consistent resizing operations. This not only prolongs the lifespan of the mandrels themselves but also contributes to consistent neck tension and overall reloading precision.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the APW Deluxe Expander Mandrel Set ensures a seamless fit within your reloading press, guaranteeing repeatable results with every use.

In summary, the APW Deluxe Expander Mandrel Set is an indispensable tool for reloaders and long-range shooting enthusiasts who strive for utmost accuracy and consistency. By achieving consistent neck tension through the use of these mandrels, you can experience reduced SD and ES values, enhanced long-range performance, and ultimately elevate your shooting capabilities to new heights. Invest in the APW Deluxe Mandrel Set today and witness the tangible improvements in your reloading and long-range shooting endeavours.


Impact Shooting's review of the Mandrel Set:


Precision Rifle Network's review of the Mandrel Set:

We recommend removing the expander ball completely from your resizing dies. Your last step before adding powder will be to expand your necks using the appropriate expander mandrel. We recommend using Imperial sizing lube when using the mandrels, a little bit goes a long way. We use a single-stage press to seat the primer and expand the neck on the downstroke, then we pack the "ready for powder" brass into our APW reloading trays.

The Die body fits your normal reloading press and the interchangeable mandrels are sized to precise dimensions. The kit includes mandrels for running 0,001 or 0,002 neck tension as well as a base to keep everything in place while not in use.  

The APW Expander Mandrel will smooth out and slightly expand the case neck so the brass will be ready for consistent neck tension. You don't have to use dry neck lube before expanding your necks. We have found this is the easiest method to greatly reduce your Extreme Spread (ES) and Standard Deviation (SD) numbers.


The complete set includes: 




243 Cal (6mm)



264 Cal (6.5mm)



284 Cal (7mm)



30 Cal (308)



338 Cal


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